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SEC Chain Stoppers | RK & RKR

   RK chain Stopper   RR Chain Stopper   RKR Chainstopper with Remote Control

For safety on deck and for control of large anchor chain cable the use of chain stoppers is essential. SEC produces high quality chainstoppers which have a holding force of approx 80% of the stud link chain cable strength.

All SEC chain stoppers are fitted with sea water resistant bronze bearings, essential for long working life on ships deck.

Chain Stopper | RK 12.5 - 84

The RK chain stopper is a fall over anchor chainstopper type. RK hainstopper

Deck mounted chain stoppers can be supplied with full certification.[ABS,BV.DNV.LR,CCS]

These chain stoppers are for anchor stud chain between 12.5mm to 84mm diameter.

These are a semi automatic anchor chain stopper for stopping chain slippage.

Mounted by bolting to ships deck.


Chain Stopper | RKR 16 - 84

The RKR chain stopper is the optimal mechanical securing of the anchor chain.
RKR Chain Stopper

It is a roller type, like the RK chainstopper, however as it is a so called 'semi-automatic ratched fall-over' type it adds additional safety and security measures.

This chain stopper being a fall-over type and has the advantage of securing the chain in the chain stopper whenever unforeseen slipping of the chain occurs. A roller chain stopper is an excellent safety solution, in particular for larger chain sizes.

These chain stoppers are for anchor stud chain between 12.5mm to 84mm diameter..

This RKR chain stopper can be deck mounted at an angle. This means the the flow of the anchor chain can be changed in relation to the hawser pipe.

The tight pulling of the spindle on the stopper ensures tight securing of the anchor in the anchor pocket. This also applies to securing anchor to the vessels hull. In addition these chain stoppers can be designed to fit all specifications as per your requirements.

Chain Stopper | RKR with Remote Control

chainstopper with remote controlThese chainstoppers are the same as the RKR chain stopper but with the advantage of remote control.

Being ratched, and a roll over type of chain stopper with the advantage of remote control means these are suitable for small man crews in workboats and tugs.

These stud chain stoppers can be operated from the bridge which is an excellent safety feature and helps to reduce crew numbers.

These remote controlled anchor chainstoppers can be supplied in either electric or hydraulic.

Our standard anchor chain stopper details are here Standard chain stoppers

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