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  Fish Farm Equipment

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We have in stock a varied and extensive selection of equipment for use in the fish farm industry including buoys, ropes, wire ropes and shackles along with a large stock of 30 - 42mm second hand chain from old mooring and old anchor.

For Ropes & Wire Ropes see Marine Ropes.

For Buoys and Navigation lights see Mooring Equipment

For Shackles see Products - Chains & Shackles or Mandal or Tonsberg Shackles

Second Hand Chains

As a comprehensive marine chain supplier in the UK and Europe we are able to purchase old chain no longer suitable for ships anchors and mooring or from scrappage.

This second hand chain is checked and then made available to the Fish Farm industry.

Fish Farm chain is available in a range from 30mm chains up to the large 42mm chain.

The chain is normally sold by weight but can be sold by length depending on quality.

Our secondhand chain prices are highly competitive.

Delivery anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Call us NOW to check our current stock and prices. Tel: +44 (0) 1446 781092

Further details of second hand chain stock.


Winches, reels and drums are available to order and ex stock.

We have manual winches and powered winches and can be made to order if your requirements are unique.

All will be high corrosion resistant as it is designed for working within a sea enviroment.

Call us NOW to discuss your requirements further. Tel: +44 (0) 1446 781092

See Also Tugs & Workboats for further details


We are an established supplier of marine buoys and we can cater for most needs.


We supply iron and concrete sinkers in all weights and in addtion can supply chain, marine cable and marine rope as required.

Work Boat Equipment

We are an established supplier of marine ship and boat equipment and can offer the highest quality of service at highly competitive prices.

Workboats and coastal craft are hard working and our experienced teams can ensure you get the right part on time.

Safety issues are also an important concern and technical help is available should you require details on breaking and load strains.

Please see our full products page and also Tugs and Work Boats and Dredgers/Barges

We are highly experienced in the support of onshore/offshore industry supporting aquaculture, wind farms & work boats. Further Details


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