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 Anchor Cable, Chain Cable and

Marine Chain

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Anchor cables, chain cables and marine chain are at the core of Saxton Marine Supplies business and we offer the full range of chain sizes from 5.5mm through to 184mm. Can be supplied in various grades U2, U3 and Grades 30, Grade 40 Grades 50 and Grades 80 strength.

All marine chain cable comes in lenghts of 15 fathoms (27.5 metres or 90ft) but can be cut to size as required. Chain cable can be supplied self colour, black bitumen, zinc elctro plated or galvanised (BS EN ISO 1461)

All relevant links, swivels and shackles, such as the commonly used kenter shackle, can also be supplied allowing the chain to be joined together and to the ships anchor etc.

We also have a comprehensive range of Blake slips and chainstoppers and other chain related deck and ship's equipment.

Our marine chain cable is ISO standard or complies with Lloyds Register of Shipping Anchor and Chain Cables Act 1970 and can be supplied, as can all chain fittings, with test certification to all the relevant class societies.

The most common chain sizes are: | 19mm Chain  |  22mm Chain  |  24mm Chain |
|  26mm Chain   |  28mm Chain  |  30mm Chain  |  32mm Chain  |  42mm Chain  |  54mm Chain  |  64mm Chain  |  76mm Chain  |

Stud Link Chain Cable

Stud link chain is strong chain and has a stud across its middle which gives the extra rigidity. It is made to ISO 1704 standard.

Stud link chain is normally used as anchor cable chain or chafe chain in offshore moorings. It is sometimes used as a mooring chain.

Stud Link Chain Data
- Approximate weights & details of Stud Link Chain
- Dimensions of Stud Link Chain Cables
- Stud Link Chain Testing (breaking & proof test)

Open Link Chain Cable (Studless Chain)

Standard open link chain cable or studless chain has lower strength and is more suitable for mooring chain in docks, ports, marinas and inland waterways.

It can be supplied in various grades as required.

The normal size is between 5.5mm and 42mm diameter Marine chain and can also be supplied with all fittings links, swivels etc.

Long Link Chain Cable

Long link chain cable is an open link type cable for general use and is normally used when components are needed to be jioned or inserted in the links in the chain.

Often used for lifting chain and mooring chain.

Short Linked Chain Cable

Short link chain cable is the most flexible chain and consequently the chain less prone to damage from stress and fractures. Because of this it is the most commonly used as lifting chain when supplied in high grade and hardened alloy chain.

As a mooring chain it is normally supplied in a grade 30 and is valuable as it makes excellent strong flexible light chain.

Second Hand Chain

We always have second hand chain in stock and most is listed on the site but please telephone us for the most up to date details as quatity levels can change quickly.
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Tel: +(0)1446 781092

Click to view our second hand chain stock.

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