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  Marine Ropes & Mooring Lines

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Shipping, Tugs, Ferries and Fishing vessels all require high quality marine ropes and mooring line and Saxton Marine carry an extensive range to meet all your requirements.

Marine Ropes

Ships rope is now a very specialised field and polypropelene rope has been the biggest innovation. From fishing net & lobster pot rope to high strength mooring and towing lines we have it all.

Contact us to get up to date competitive prices. Telephone: +44 01446 781092

Mooring pennant ropes have a maximum lifespan of up to 10 years but should be checked regularly, especially after storm weather, and replaced where needed.

Along with standard mooring rope, we are able to supply the following at extremely competitive prices:

  • Commercial Ship & Mooring Ropes

    • Atlas®
    • Nuflex 8 Strand
    • Nutech® 3,4 & 8 Strand
    • Nutech® 12 & 24 Strand
    • Nutech®-Plus
    • Megaflex 8 Stand
    • 12 Strand Dyneema®Sk75
    • Dynex Dux
    • 12 Stand Dyneema®
    • Ultramix
    • Ultraline® Nylon (Polyamide)
    • Ultraline® Polyester
    • Ultraline® Dyneema®
    • Winchtech
    • Dyneema® Ropes For Pelagic Fishing

    Wire Ropes

    We offer marine wire ropes in various breaking strains available as:

    • Stainless Steel
    • Galvanised
    • PVC coated
    It supplied with the standard ISO:9002 and comes in various ends including thimbles, grips and spalters socket end.

    Messenger Lines

    Towing and mooring situations are rarely text book scenarios, especially at the initial contact stage, which means huge load strain can occur on messenger lines causing damage or snapping and/or reduced lifespan. We can offer fantastic prices replacement and fast delivery times keeping your tugs & docks working at full capacity.

    We are able to supply single orders or on a contract basis ensuring conituous stock supplies.

    Mandal Shackles

    Fairlead shackles or Mandal shackles are wire rope to fibre rope connecters for ships, tugs and mooring. The Mandal shackle is stainless steel and is designed to pass through fairleads.

    We are able to supply at extremely competitive prices:

    Tonsberg Shackles

    Tonsberg shackles are a galvanized steel mooring shackle typically used as a connection between wire rope and fibre rope forerunner. They are of a compact design.

    Also suppliers of marine rope reels - Hawser Roller

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