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Products   - Please choose from the following categories:
Saxton Marine Supplies can offer an extensive range of anchors suitable for applications such as the Merchant Fleet, Moorings or the Offshore Industry. These ships anchors are available ex-stock and can be supplied anywhere at any time.
- AC-14 Anchor
- Baldt Anchor
- Byers Anchor
- Danforth Anchor
- Hall Anchor Polish Anchor
- Halls Anchor
- Lightweight Anchor
- Pool TW Execution Standard (high holding power) Anchor
- Pool TW Execution Standard (super high holding power) Anchor
- Pool N Execution Standard (high holding power, stockless) Anchor
- NEW! - Pool TWM (high holding power) Anchor
- Spek Anchor
Chains & Shackles
A large selection of ships anchor chain always available, please contact us to discuss your marine chain requirements.
Please select the appropiate link below.
Coupling Systems
- Coupling to the Anchor
- Coupling to the Chain Locker

Fittings, Shackles, Swivels & Links
- Anchor Shackle
- Detachable Anchor Pear- Shaped Link
- Jaw and Jaw Swivel Shackle
- Kenter Connecting Link
- Swivel
- Mooring Chains & mooring shackles
- Range of Chain Shackle Types -- Bow/Bow Shackle, Bow/Eye Shackle & Dee Shackle

In addition, we usually have many Mandal Fairlead shackles & Tonsberg Shackles for wire rope and fibre rope and additional chain connectors in stock please contact us for further information. Telephone: +44 01446 781092

Stud Link Chain Data
- Approximate weights & details
- Dimensions of Stud Link Chain Cables
- Stud Link Chain Testing (breaking & proof test)
Deck Equipment
Saxton Marine Supplies are able to supply Deck Equipment such as chain stoppers, Panama Bows, Bollards , and Roller Fairleads. Proof and break load data for the products below can be found here and on the individual pages.
- Bullwark Mounted Circular Bows
- Bullwark Mounted in Flat Plate
- Bullwark Mounted Panama Bows
- Chain Stopper and Plinth
- Cruciform Bollards
- Deck Mounted Panama Bows
- Mooring Pipes
- Mooring Rollers
- Multi Angle Fairleads
- Pedestal Rollers
- Recessed Shell Bitts or Bits
- Ships Bollards BSMA 12
- Ships Bollards NS 2584
- Ships Bollards VIS 1
- Smit or Smitt Brackets
- Warping Rollers
- Mooring Pedestal Rollers
- Mooring Multi Angle Fairleads
- Roller Chocks
- Panama Chocks
We supply a wide range of fenders for the Shipping and Marine industries at very competitive prices.
- Extra High Capacity Floating Monopile Fenders
- High Capacity Floating Monopile Fenders
- Standard Capacity Floating Monopile Fenders
- Super High Capacity Floating Monopile Fenders
- Marine Foam Filled Fenders
- Marine Cushion Foam Filled Fenders
Wire Ropes
We supply a huge variety of ropes and wire rope for the marine industry. Please contact us with your specific requirements. See our Marine Rope Page

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