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 Tugs and Workboats

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  • Tugs
  • Anchor Chain
  • Trawlers
  • Dredgers
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Saxton Marines supply service to the towage and workboat industry is exceptional. We supply tug boats, pilot craft, escorting boats and barge handlers quality parts at excellent prices.

Marine Towing Rope for Tugs and Work Boats

High strain and abrasion means the towage industry needs an economic balance of quality ropes and shackles with durability and extended work life.

Messenger lines are a common broken marine rope and we can supply ex stock. See Messenger Lines.

We have in stock a range of mooring lines and wire rope: marine ropes and mooring lines.

Towage Cables & Chains

In stock is a comprehensive range of anchor cables and marine chains.

In addition, we carry an extensive range of shackles, for joining rope to rope and rope to wire cable. See Also Tonsberg & Mandal Shackles.

Other shackle & chain shackles, swivels and links are available for all situations such as Bow/Bow, Bow/Eye and Dee shackles See products.html

Deck Winches, Dock Winches, Windlasses and Capstans

We supply a full range of marine winches and windlasses including rope winches, cable winches and chain winches and marine cable drums and reels plus all additional deck winch fixing equipment.

We Supply the following marine winches:

  • Towing Winches
  • Anchor Handling Winches
  • Mooring Winches
  • Planetary Winch
  • Tugger Winch
  • Capstan Winches

We Also Supply the following marine boat Deck Windlasses :

  • Anchor Windlasses
  • Horizontal Windlasses
  • Horizontal Windlass with 2 cablelifters (2 barrel)
  • Vertical Windlass
  • Smaller Manual Windlasses (for workboats)

We have horizontal capstans , either manual, electric, hydrualic or pneumatic or Vertical capstans and especially now a days, electric vertical capstans which are used for safely securing messenger lines. Mooring lines can be then be controlled safely and securely even in adverse conditions. Various line pull capacities can be specified

Quick mooring releases are used wherever is possible - please call to discuss.

Marine cranes, grapnels and hooks etc are all supplied to your requirement.

Tug Boat Deck Equipment

Deck equipment in a good state of repair ensures the safety of the tug or work boat crew and the vessel itself. Proof and break load data specifications are available.

We normally carry a great many equipment supplies in stock for fast delivery: See Bollards & Cleats for stock outline.

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