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Telephone: +44 (0)1446 781092

Shackles and Linkage

Anchor or Stud Link Chain

Couplings for marine anchor and anchor chains linkage - expert advice at the end of the phone.

Mooring Chain

Open link chain or stud link chain all forelock and linkage available

Mooring Chain, Sinkers and Links - At Rock Bottom Prices

Brixham Harbour

Drop Anchors Not Business

Fish Farm Chain

Cost Effective Aquaculture Chain - Best Value - Call Us Now
Need to know more - Email or Call 01446 781092
See our Fish Farm equipment page HERE

Telephone: +44 (0)1446 781092

Our mooring chain sales team can save harbour masters £1000's - Call now. 
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Stud Link Chain
Purchasing Top Tips

Stud-Link Chain

Makes the purchasing process easier and cost effective with a few pointers from our sales team.

Chain Reaction

Know your marine chain cable for a joined up purchasing process. A useful comparison chart
is viewable below.