Mooring Equipment 

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Mooring Chain - Open Link & Stud Link Chain

We carry the full range of mooring chains including open link chain, new and second hand chains, which are adaptable to many uses including the off shore industry.

The complete mooring set up is catered for with the sinker, bottom chain and middle shackles along with the top chain connecting to the buoy. This top chain requires regular checking and replacement due to its small diameter.

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Mooring Shackles

Bow Shackle

Available as Bow/Bow or Bow/Eye shackle

Forelock Shackle

A robust and popular mooring shackle in U2 or U3 

Dee Shackle

Can be supplied in U2 or U3 as required. A common and durable shackle

Mooring Sinkers

Long life span marine sinkers supplied with mooring bottom shackle as standard.

Cast iron sinkers are supplied in various weights and have an extended life span.

Telephone: +44 (0)1446 781092