Second Hand Marine Chain - Suitable for reuse or ballast & fish farms

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Used Stud Link Chain

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Used Mooring or Open Link Chain

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We have available a large quantity of second hand chain cable suitable for a range of purposes such as the inshore industry, mooring, light use and fish farms and other aquacultures.

As a comprehensive marine chain supplier in the UK and Europe we are able to purchase old chain no longer suitable for ships anchors and moorings or from scrappage.

Fish Farm chain is available in a range from 30mm chains up to the large 50mm chain.The chain is normally sold by length.

Our secondhand chain prices are highly competitive.

Delivery anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We are highly experienced in supplying all types of aquaculture, wind farms & work boats including the fish farm industry. 

Telephone: +44 (0)1446 781092