Shackles & Links 

We carry an extensive range of shackles, links, swivels equipment for ships, tugs, ports, docks, marinas fish farms & other moorings

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Coupling Systems

Coupling to the Anchor

These are combination links and joining to connect the anchor to the anchor chain cable.

Coupling to the Chain Locker

Used to retain or stop the chain cable being lost at sea.

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Fittings, Shackles, Swivels & Links

Anchor Shackle

A choice of either a standard anchor shackle or an anchor Crown shackle in high quality construction.

Detachable Anchor Pear Shaped Link

The pear shaped link is used to join the swivel end of the chain to the anchor shackle.

Jaw and Jaw Swivel Shackle

Fitted between chain and the anchor,  avoiding the use of an anchor shackle and a kenter if the chain is fitted with an end link.

Kenter Connecting Link or Shackle

It is used to join two stud link chains which are ending in a common link. U2 or U3 steel


Usually fitted to chain cable to prevent the chain from twisting and kinking, normally U3 forged steel.

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Mooring Shackles

We carry a full range of Forelock Shackles and D shackles for connecting mooring chain to sinkers and open link chain to chain. Clicking on the link below will give you our dedicated moorings page

Below are some useful video clips on kenter shackle and D shackle components and provides a user guide as a reference only.

All work should be carried out by qualified technicians

Kenter Shackle Preperation & Components
D Shackle Linking & Joining to Marine Chain

Anchor & Marine Chain Shackles
At Saxton Marine, our technical team is proud to offer our advice & service supply shipping worldwide with the right product quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

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