Marine Chain

Stud Link Chain
Stud Link

High quality certified anchor chain cable with certification.

Open Link mooring chain

Open link chain for all your mooring and fish farming requirements.

SecondHand Chain
Second Hand Chain

Huge range of used stud link chain and open link chain.

Yacht Galvanised Chain
Galvanised Yacht Chain

Galvanized marine chain in both stud link and open link.

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Anchor cables, chain cables and marine chain are at the core of Saxton Marine Supplies business and we offer the full range of chain sizes from 12.5mm through to 114mm. Can be supplied in various grades U2 & U3.

Our marine chain cable, as all chain fittings,  can be supplied with test certification to all the major relevant class societies

All relevant links, swivels and shackles, such as the commonly used kenter shackle, can also be supplied allowing the chain to be joined together and to the ships anchor etc

Stud link marine chain cable nornally comes in lenghts of 15 fathoms (27.5 metres or 90ft) but can be cut to size as required.

Chain cable can be supplied self colour, black bitumen, zinc elctro plated or galvanised

Short Linked Chain Cable

Short and Long Linked Chain also available

Telephone: +44 (0)1446 781092